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Who controls the OOG funds?

These funds are handled by the Treasurer of the OOG. Currently this is Dr Alexandre Moulin .


Where are the OOG funds banked?

For security reasons, this information is not published here. Please e-mail the Treasurer, Dr Alexandre Moulin, for assistance.


How are the OOG funds used?

These are used to:

  • organise OOG meetings
  • sponsor travel by trainees to OOG meetings
  • purchase book prizes for young researchers
  • assist research (e.g., pilot studies; transport of specimens between OOG centres)


How are OOG members informed of the OOG's financial status?

The Treasurer presents a report on the OOG accounts at each business meeting. Balance sheets are also published on the OOG website.


Who audits the OOG accounts?

These accounts are audited once a year by two Full Members of the OOG (who are not involved as Officers) so that an independent assessment can be made.


What are the OOG's sources of income?

These are:

  • Membership fees
  • Surplus conference registration fees
  • Commercial sponsorship
  • Income from website (e.g., advertisements and links)


What is the OOG membership fee?

Currently (2015), the membership fee is 30 per year.