Iris naevus

Most iris naevi are asymptomatic.


Clinical features

  • Circumscribed or diffuse
  • Diameter up to 3-4mm if the tumour is circumscribed
  • Thickness less than 2mm
  • Yellow, white, grey or brown
  • Round, irregular or sectorial shape
  • Rough or smooth surface
  • Minimal or no visible vascularity
  • Inferior location in most cases
  • Seeding of pigment or growth into angle
  • Ectropion uveae (which is not a sign of malignancy)
  • Multiple nodules giving a 'tapioca' appearance (rarely)
  • Cyst formation at pupil margin (rarely)
  • Growth in teenage years



Pigmented iris naevus



Amelanotic iris naevus causing ectropion uveae



  • Glaucoma, which is rare
  • Localised lens opacities