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39th Meeting: Copenhagen, April 2011







The spring meeting of the OOG was held in Copenhagen on the 15-17th April 2011.



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Friday, 15 April 2011


Arrival in Copenhagen during the afternoon


17:00 – 18:00      Tour by boat in the Copenhagen habour and canals (Meeting point: Stormbroen).






18:30                 Peder Oxe's Restaurant and Vinkælder Wine Bar Gråbrødretorv 11,

1154 København (Cost: €50 per person, excluding beverages)


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Meeting point both days: University of Copenhagen, 10 Noerregade, Copenhagen





Saturday, 16 April 2011

8:45 - 9:00     Welcome by the Local Organizers and the OOG President


Session I

Moderators:      Laurence Desjardins and Jan Prause


9:00 – 9:12     Munier FL, Balmer A, Beck-Popovic M, Binaghi S
Superselective ophthalmic chemotherapy for advanced retinoblastoma


9:12 – 9:18    Kivelä T, Seitsonen S, Pihkala U, Tenhunen M, Lindahl P, Koskinen L
Cure of an ectopic intracranial retinoblastoma with chemotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy


9:18 – 9:24    Kiilgaard JF, Bagger M, Prause JU, Fiil Urbak S, Heegaard S
Retinoblastoma in a 16-year-old girl


9:24 – 9:36     Vishnevskia-Dai V, Rosner M, Elhalel A, Moroz I, Sigal R, Moisseiev J
Vasoproliferative lesions of the retina and the optic disc


9:36 – 9:48    Frenkel S, Zloto O, Pe’er J
Gender differences in clinical presentation and prognosis of uveal melanoma


9:48 – 10:00    Romanowska-Dixon B, Pogrzebielski A, Jakubowska B
High-frequency ultrasound imaging and optical coherence tomography for anterior segment tumors diagnosis


10:00 – 10:12    Habal S, Krema H, Gonzalez E, Simpson ER, Pavlin JC
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) verification of minimal subretinal fluid detected ultrasonographically in choroidal melanocytic lesions


10:12 – 10:24    van den Bosch T, Vaarwater J, Mensink H, Kiliç E, Paridaens D, de Klein A
There is no significant role for PARK2 deletions or mutations in uveal melanoma patients


10:30 –11:00     Coffee Break (and poster viewing)


11:00 – 11:45 Guest Lecture: Per Guldberg, Professor and Head of the Department of Cancer Genomics, Institute of Cancer Biology, Danish Cancer Society 
The genome and epigenome of melanoma. What does it tell us about biology?


Session II

Moderators:     Edoardo Midena and Ann Schalenbourg


11:45 –  11:57     Jager MJ, Bronkhorst IHG, Jordanova K, Kroes M, Luyten GPM,
Heterogeneous distribution of chromosome 3 and prognosis in uveal melanoma


11:57 – 12:03    Coupland SE, Dodson A, Damato BE
A rare case report of a uveal collision tumor: A collision of two worlds


12:03 – 12:15    Moulin AP, Michielin O, Schalenbourg A, Zografos L, Leyvraz S, Rimoldi D
Synthetic lethality in uveal melanoma: a pilot study with PARP inhibitors


12:15 – 12:27    Cohen VML, Tsimpida M, Arora A, Hungerford JL
Plaque radiotherapy treatment with Ruthenium-106 for iris malignant melanoma


12:30 – 13:30    Lunch


Session III

Moderators:     Bertil Damato and Leonidas Zografos


13:30 – 13:42    Razzaq L, Jager MJ, Zwaan J, Marinkovic M, Luyten GPM, de Keizer RJW
Ruthenium-106 plaque brachytherapy for iris melanoma and its effect on corneal endothelium


13:42 – 13:54    Sandinha MT, Kenaway N, Coupland S, Damato BE
Recurrence of iris melanoma after proton beam therapy


13:54 – 14:00    Pogrzebielski A, Romanowska-Dixon B, Markiewicz A, Swako? J, Sulikowski J, Olko P
New proton beam radiotherapy facility in Europe – experience with first patient treated in Krakow


14:00 – 14:12    Foerster MH, Moser L
Proton beam radiation in choroidal hemangioma


14:12 – 14:24    Caujolle JP, Maschi C, Freton A, Pages G, Gastaud P
Treatment of post-protontherapy neovascular glaucoma in uveal melanomas with Ranibizumab injection: Preliminary results


14:24 – 14:36    Desjardins L, Lumbroso-LeRouic L, Levy C, Cassoux N, Dendale R, Plancher C, Asselain B
Retrospective review of 15 years of treatment of uveal melanoma by proton beam


14:36 – 14:48    Zografos L, Schalenbourg A
Hemodynamic modifications of the choroïd and retina following proton beam irradiation of uveal melanomas


14:48 – 14:54    Grange JD, Jean-Louis B, Schalenburg A, Zografos L, Shishe boran Devouassoux M, Kodjikian L, Beccat S
Diffuse uveal melanoma: A difficult diagnosis (report of one case with review of literature)


15:00 – 15:30   Coffee Break (and poster viewing)


Session IV (including Business Meeting)

Moderators:     Jacob Pe'er and Michael Foerster


15:30 – 15:42    Saakyan SV, Shirina TV, Amiryan AG
Uveal melanoma long-term survival estimation after brachytherapy and enucleation


15:42 – 15:54    Kivelä T, Salkola S, Eskelin S, Heikkonen J
Tumour recurrences after managing small posterior choroidal melanomas with 10 mm ruthenium plaques

15:54 – 16:06    Parrozzani R, Pilotto E, Dario A, Midena E
Prompt versus delayed intravitreal Triamcinolone injection for serous retinal detachment secondary to posterior uveal melanoma


16:06 – 16:18
Suesskind D, Schatz A Schnichels S, Coupland SE, Lake SL, Wissinger B, Bartz-Schmidt KU, Henke-Fahle S
GDF-15: a novel serum marker for metastases in uveal melanoma patients


16:18 – 16:30    Frenkel S, Barak V, Zloto O, Pe’er J
Novel biomarkers for detecting uveal melanoma metastases


16:30 – 17:30 Business meeting:

1.    Approval of Minutes of previous Business Meeting (Crete, October 2010)
2.    Financial report 
3.    OOG Website update
4.    Nominations for membership to OOG
5.    Young Investigator Awards
6.    Update on current collaborative studies/new proposals
7.    Announcement of upcoming elections
8.    Details of next OOG Meetings
9.    Any Other Business (AOB)
10.    Closure of Business Meeting


18:45                  Meeting pt: main entrance of Tivoli, 3 Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen

19:00                 Dinner at Restaurant Paafuglen, Tivoli





Sunday, 17 April 2011


Session V

Moderators:     Stefan Seregard and Tero Kivelä


09:00 – 09:12    Damato B, O’Connor J, Tishkovskaya S, Coupland SE, Whitehead J
Devising phase II studies on systemic adjuvant therapy for uveal melanoma


09:12 – 09:24
Seregard S, All-Ericsson C, Olofsson R, Rizell M, Mattson J, Cahlin C, Hafström LO, Olausson M, Lindner P, Sandkull P
Disseminated uveal melanoma. Hyperthermic liver perfusion with melphalan


09:24 – 09:30    Rospond-Kubiak I, Koci?cki J
Spontaneous regression of tumor recurrence after internal carotid artery occlusion - case presentation


09:30 – 09:36    Eide N, Faber RT    
Anti-VEGF and incorrect diagnoses illustrated by two cases


09:36 – 09:48    Kenawy N, Coupland S, Damato B
Exenteration for conjunctival melanoma in Liverpool: 1993-2010


09:48 – 10:00    Toft PB, Heegaard S, Prause JU
Conjunctival naevi “recurring” as melanomas


10:00 – 10:12    Missotten GS, Spileers W, Schimmel E, de Keizer RJW
Iridium irradiation in the treatment of large conjunctival melanoma


10:12 – 10:24
Heindl LM, Hofmann-Rummelt C, Holbach LM, Naumann GOH, Kruse FE, Cursiefen C
Tumor-associated lymphangiogenesis in the development of conjunctival malignant melanoma


10:25 – 10:55    Coffee break (and poster viewing)


Session VI

Moderator:       Sarah Coupland and Steffen Heegaard


10:55 – 11:20    Cameron JD    
The story of the closure of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology


11:20 – 11:32    Schalenbourg A, Zografos L
Uveal metastases from neuroendocrine tumours : A small clinicopathological case series


11:32 – 11:44    Briscoe D, Azzam SH, Mukari A
Orbital disease: often not what meets the eye


11:44 – 11:56    Midena E, Parrozzani R, Pilotto E, Dario A, Bisogno G        
Orbital rhabdomyosarcoma: a long-term multidisciplinary experience


11:56 – 12:08    Rosner M        
Atypical clinical presentations of periocular Molluscum Contagiosum


12:08 – 12:14    Alaraj A, Alkatan H, Alayoubi A
Primary large B-cell lymphoma of the orbit: first reported case in Saudi Arabia


12:14 – 12:26    Rasmussen P, Ralfkiær E, Prause JU, Sjö LD, Heegaard S
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the ocular adnexal region in Denmark


12:26 – 12:38    Thaung C        
Electron microscopy of the eye in monoclonal gammopathies


12:38 – 12:50    Heegaard S, Prause JU
Primary localized amyloidosis of the eyelid as first presenting symptom


12:55 – 14:00    Lunch and Farewell


Cohen VML, Papastefanou VP.

Treatment of juxtapapillary capillary haemangiomata with photodynamic therapy

Grange JD, Pommier P, Jean-Louis B, Rivoire M, Negrier S, Beccat S.

Two cases of late metastatic disease after irradiation of small choroidal tumors

Saakyan SV, ?atskov RA, Myakoshina EB.

Optical coherence tomography in diagnostics of small primary and residual retinoblastoma.

Amiryan AG, Saakyan SV.

Intraocular tumors ultrasonographic densitometry characteristics.


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