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Joining the OOG website

First, confirm that you are eligible to join the OOG.

Click on the OOG Membership section of the FAQs on this menu for further information.


Next, submit application form

Click on 'Join OOG' on the Welcome Page and complete the application form as per the following example.



< Address: Write your department here.

< Phone and Fax numbers: If possible add your country code.

< Contributions: Here you give reasons why you feel you are eligible for OOG membership.

< Further details: Here you write a few words that would be helpful to OOG members with similar interests to your own.

< Positions: This is where you write your official position at your institution.

< Sponsor details: To become a member you need to be nominated by two sponsors. Please write the name and e-mail address of each sponsor. If you are already a member and if you do not remember who your sponsor was, then just write 'Not applicable'.

< OOG Member since: If you are an OOG member, then please write the month and year when you joined. If you are not yet a member then just write 'Not member'.

You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions.


Next, open your inbox and reply to your e-mail.

This e-mail gives instructions on what to do next. Essentially, all you need to do is to click on the highlighted text.


Finally, enter the website

Log in to the website using your username and password.

Go to 'My Profile' and click on 'Edit Profile'.

Upload a portrait of yourself (if possible not more than 100 Kb).

Update your 'Contact Info', including your password.

Update 'Additional Information' if necessary.


Don't' forget to click on 'Update' when you have finished.