Intraocular cysts

A cyst is a hollow swelling, filled with fluid.

Intraocular cysts are not usually neoplastic and do not threaten life.


Pupil margin cysts

  • Solitary or multiple
  • Small
  • Inflated or collapsed ('iris flocculi')
  • Pigmented
  • Unilateral or bilateral


Iris flocculi

Mid-zonal cysts

  • Located between iris and lens
  • Smooth
  • Brown
  • Fusiform shape, which changes with pupil dilatation
  • Wobbling with eye movements
  • Usually infero-temporal
  • Usually associated with multiple, small cysts
  • Sometimes bilateral but asymmetrical


Iridociliary cysts

  • Bulge in the peripheral iris
  • Infero-temporal
  • Strong female preponderance
  • Usually visible if the pupil is fully dilated
  • Pigmented or transparent
  • Occasionally migratory, settling in anterior chamber angle



Iridociliary cyst



Migratory cysts


Stromal iris cysts

  • Usually detected in childhood or infancy
  • Atrophy of the overlying iris tissue
  • Inferotemporal
  • Filled with clear fluid, possibly with fluid-debris level
  • Growth, faster in children than adults
  • Complications, such as
    • poor vision
    • amblyopia
    • corneal touch
    • band keratopathy
    • subluxated lens
    • cataract
    • mucogenic glaucoma



Stromal cyst


Secondary (implantation) cysts

  • Transparent or pearly white
  • Visible superficial scar in some patients